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Available only on Amazon,  Launch of Second Edition at the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival Book Reading October 2022

Uncle Walter’s Secret

 by Will Fenn

Is this the true explanation of  General Sikorski’s death? How did solving  Uncle Walters secret prevent the Allies sudden defeat towards the end of WWII? Will Fenn’s masterly tale reveals all!

ISBN 978-1-5355960-0-8 232pp Paperback. Available only from Amazon

Engineering Design Manual for Lead Balloons
The Engineering Design Manual for Lead Balloons

by Professor William Fairney

The lead balloon has been the butt of ridicule for any project or enterprise that is doomed to failure.  Phrases such as “well, that went down like a lead balloon” are frequently heard in all walks of life.  However balloons manufactured from lead are perfectly feasible.  This book takes a light-hearted look at how such a balloon might be constructed to meet current Civil Aviation Authority regulations, whether it be a helium-filled or hot air balloon.  However the reader is strongly advised not to try this at home!

ISBN 978-0-9554455-8-3  24pp  Paperback  RRP £4.95

Stories and Legends from Bristol by Paul Hatch - bookjacket

Evocative Tales:

Stories and Legends from Bristol

by Paul Hatch

An intriguing collection of true stories of Bristol that have been handed down orally for generations, now preserved in writing, many for the first time.

Written and illustrated by the celebrated local storyteller and folk historian Paul Hatch, familiar to local residents from his many appearances on BBC Radio Bristol, Paul has now turned his hand to writing Bristol stories.

ISBN 978-0-9554455-5-2  64pp  Paperback RRP £7.50


Richard Stephens and the Clevedon Motor Cars by William Fairney - bookjacketRichard Stephens And The Clevedon Motor Cars

by Professor William Fairney

This is the story of a remarkable nineteenth century entrepreneur of humble origins who went on to design and manufacture the first all-British car in the small Somerset town of Clevedon.  He even designed and made his own two-cylinder internal combustion engine. An innovative engineer, he took out many patents including those which are still used in the vehicles of the 21st century. His vehicles had a very advanced form of independent front suspension. A veteran car enthusiast’s delight!

Lovingly compiled by Professor  William Fairney, a modern diesel engine designer with a high regard for the earliest auto engineers.

ISBN 978-0-9554455-4-5   172pp.  Hardback  RRP £13.95


The Knife & Fork Man by William Fairney - bookjacketThe Knife and Fork Man:

The Life and Works of Charles Benjamin Redrup

by Professor William Fairney

Now in its second edition, this book is the composite of the biography of an extraordinary  engineer and the history of technological development.  Redrup designed a huge range of internal combustion engines, yet carried out most of his development work in a simply equipped workshop with reputedly “little more than a knife and fork”.

His inventions included engines for Crossley motor cars, Bristol buses, Simmonds Spartan and Avro Gosport aircraft and vehicles for  the Bristol Tramways and Carriages Company. Written by Professor William Fairney, a professional engineer with a gift for making technology accessible and exciting to all.

ISBN 978-0-9554455-2-1  360pp. Hardback  RRP £18.95

The Bristol Treasure Island Trail by the Long John Silver Trust - bookjacketThe Bristol Treasure Island Trail

by The Long John Silver Trust, Editor Professor William Fairney

This book celebrates Bristol’s connections to the most famous pirate book of all – Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.  It lays out a short Treasure Island trail around the Bristol harbourside, providing an accessible and enjoyable interactive experience for all the family.

ISBN 978-0-9554455-3-8  72pp.  Paperback  RRP £5.95

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